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Post Sciatica Reformat and Reinstall

  I went four weeks without riding. On December XX , I rode a stationary bike in the workout room of a Boise hotel. The next day, I went skiing. Since then, the most I’ve done is gone for a walk. The reason was that I was attempting to let my body heal somewhat from the sciatica that has been plaguing me since mid-November. Oddly, it’s not necessarily skiing or riding that aggravate my back, it’s really a lot of ancillary stuff, like getting on and off the bike, stretching, or putting on boots that cause the most discomfort. It seems like once I get settled into a position, like in the saddle, I’m fine, but getting out of that position can be temporarily painful. In fact, through most of this, the most painful thing I could do was get up from sitting on the couch. Saturday, I got on the trainer and did an hour of Zwift. Did the same thing Sunday. These were primarily endurance zone rides, but I did push into threshold a little today when climbing. All I wanted to gain from these rides

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