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Post FTP

Saturday was my FTP Test for BaseCamp. (FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power. If you're curious about what it means, I described its purpose, and the mental struggle I have with it, in my last post.) While I'm not thrilled that my resulting "number" dropped from previous tests, the overall experience was good—exhausting, but good. Now that I have this numerical snapshot of my current fitness, the next 15 weeks are all about raising it back up to where it was this summer. Actually, the result was pretty close to what I got when I started "training with power" in the summer of 2020, so there is some security knowing that where I am now is not that much different from where I was once before. For reference, my last FTP test was on July 8th as part of my training for Rebecca's Private Idaho (RPI), a 100-mile gravel race in central Idaho. As part of that training, I was also supposed to do a second FTP test in early August, but I skipped it due to vac

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