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2020 Election - Part 1: Civic Roots

This fall, I worked for the Salt Lake County Election Division as a poll worker. I believe our institution of democracy requires citizen involvement—not just as voters but as facilitators. I could see the writing on the wall this summer; this would likely be one of the biggest elections, in terms of voter turnout, during my lifetime, and I felt an obligation as a relatively young, healthy citizen to make the voting process positive for all involved. Writing about this experience was assumed from the get-go, but the experience turned into more than I could process in a single blog post. This will likely be one of multiple installments on my experience. What Voting Means to Me In third grade, I won an essay competition on the topic of why voting is important. It was sponsored by Toby Roth, my congressman from Wisconsin’s 8 th District, and I won a bike because of it. When you are 9 years old and you get a bike for what amounts to homework on a certain topic, then said topic is goin

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