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Avoiding noise and rage in the PNW

My Mechanism of Mindfulness for avoiding Ikon-underuse guilt My Distraction Device has worked overtime this last week, mainly in service of the ski industry. Frequent alerts and notifications on my phone have been of this ilk: "Are you joining us for the Bonus Weekend" (from Brundage resort in Idaho), "Get ready for closing day," (from Alta), and of course, "Renew your Ikon pass for the 24-25 season." This last one borders on ridiculous—from the megapass overlords already trying to make next year's ledger look good by getting my money before I can blow it on a new mountain bike.  Putting aside my disdain for this trend of using the recurring subscription model for skiing (thanks for nothing Adobe), I can't really fault these ski resorts for their promotional enthusiasm, as manufactured as it seems to be. However, the relentless "stoke" spam I get from the various resorts and ski-adjacent retailers and publishers is now nearly ne

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