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The Road Back is Filled with F-Bombs and Other Wardrobe Choices

 It was an “F-Bomb-sock” kind of ride for an “F-Bomb” kind of week, but let’s try to keep the scope of today’s blog to riding though, shall we? These socks, a Christmas gift from Lex, wasn’t the only wardrobe choice of note for today’s 2-hour ride as I try to regain the form I had before a disk engaged in legitimate political discourse with my spine. As I picked through my basket of shorts and jerseys, I chose, for the first time, the BaseCamp jersey I ordered back in the winter. Even though I’ve been riding now for nearly two months since the extruded disk in my back sidelined me, I’ve resisted wearing it. Why? Well, perhaps a quick tutorial on the “fit” of bike jerseys is necessary. Bike clothing has always tended towards a, shall we say, “economy of fabric”, but over the years, I’ve generally stuck with jerseys described as “club” fit—think form-fitting t-shirt. However, “race” fit jerseys—think sausage casing—are becoming more popular, even with casual cyclists. When BaseCamp, th

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