"Pedal Pusher" or "How Many Days 'Till LOTOJA"

Perspective is an emotional utility that attempts to placate or subvert our true, primal emotions.  For instance, not being to ski this season because of my knee surgery can be viewed from a perspective that emphasizes the relaxing time I’ve spent reading and watching fine movies… like Van Helsing; the appreciation of a healthy body; and quality time with my wife.  Talk about bullshit. 
            At least I can walk now, albeit with a crutch, so I don’t have the dark insanity that plagued me for those two weeks of non-weight bearing where I seemed to never leave the couch and an odd odor of soup seemed to emanate from my pores.  In fact, now I’ve become quite consumed with a desire to pedal.  Skiing is obviously out of the question.  Skiing might as well be a fantasy, like intelligent state legislators, but cycling, that is what keeps me going.
"Ahhh, the reward for a demanding
10 minute ride"
The wonderful thing about physical therapy, which I started on January 25th, is that you do mundane, repetitive and almost embarrassingly simple exercises that appear to have nothing to do with your injury, and you progress.  Yesterday at TOSH, I had a seismic movement towards my goal when I finally was able to pedal a bike… a stationary, recumbent bike.  Simultaneous emotions of self-pity and accomplishment hit me as I struggled to turn the crank with my stiffened knee.  I’ve ridden 170 miles in a day, and now I was just as happy to be spinning at zero resistance.  It only lasted about 10 minutes, but of course, it called for a beer last night, and what better choice than a Crank Yanker IPA from Eddyline Brewery in Colorado.  The beer had a consistent, medium bitterness throughout, but not much of a hoppiness.  I didn’t get the fruit I usually enjoy with an IPA, although it was pretty smooth.  


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